Our Western Cinches offer a soft feel with breathable technology.  They evenly distribute pressure.  Are antibacterial and antifungal for healthy skin. Feature a chafeless nonslip materials and design.  Offered with 2 Stainless steel center D-rings and stainless steel roller buckles.


If you have a girthy or cold backed horse, you will be amazed by how this Western horse saddle cinch instantly improves comfort. If you are having a saddle slip issue, this saddle cinch will assist in keeping your saddle stable. The ThinLine is so grippy, you can ride without the need for over cinching, giving your horse the comfort he needs to breathe and relax! Made with leather reinforcement tabs behind the buckles and nylon reinforcements connecting the buckles. No elastic to overstretch or give out! The anti-fungal qualities of the ThinLine foam keeps your horse’s skin healthy and allows for the use on multiple horses without spreading fungus, like rain rot.


What is ThinLine?

ThinLine is a thin, shock absorbing non slip breathable foam.  It is  endorsed by surgeons, master saddlers, riders and veterinarians. It is durable and very easy to clean, soap and water are all you need.

Thinline - Western Cinch