Royal Fleece Standard Bandages | Pack of 4


Wrap on your horse's legs for training sessions in the seasonal colors from the Elegant  collection of Royal Tacks. The Royal Supreme Embrace Bandages are utmost soft and extra functional for support while training and practices. These polo wraps are easy to apply and will stay in place with the strong Velcro. The mix and match colors can be paired up with other Royal Supreme collection products for a coordinated stylish look. Super soft Polo Bandages with Velcro touch close fastenings, ideal for travelling or use in the stable. Available in a pack of 4. 


Royal Elastic Bandages is an ultimate leg support during high-level performances such as exercises and competitions. It protects the sensitive horse tendons and ligaments from cuts, abrasions, and minor swelling. With sufficient elasticity, it makes sure that the legs are protected during turnouts.

UNEVEN PRESSURE RELIEVER - These enclose and wraps the legs neatly, keeping pressures nice and even on your horse legs. Non-slip and snug fit bandages with the right level of elasticity that sits evenly on your horse legs preventing curling and fraying at the ends which causes bunch and uncomfortable wrap wrinkles.Keep it smooth and snug!

BREATHABLE COMFORT - The elastic material is made up of millions of airflow channels that allow excess heat to pass through, eliminates excessive sweating that irritates injuries, has lightweight yet sturdy high tech fabrics and 100% comfortable.

DURABLE VELCRO ATTACHMENT - Double and long lasting with secure Velcro attachment for easy and bandaging and quick release mechanism. The secure tip ensures a high level of protection and can keep an injured area clean and free of LeadsBandagesirritants while healing. The material provides an excellent level of friction to stay in place on the horse legs.

Royal - Fleece Bandages