It appears in contrast leather shades which grabs the heart of all the riders at first look. This tack is especially for the Dressage lovers and practitioners. Special elastic feature is equipped in this tack to provide optimum comfort to the animal's chest in stretched and normal state. The whole tack is made up of extremely fine and soft leather which proves its quality in the first experience only.


The Stainless Steel buckles have rollers and are fixed onto three layers of elastic at both ends for equal pressure distribution and easy tightening. This girth has a central clip and two D-rings at each end to make it easy fitting. Cushion padding is not only created but special emphasis is laid to make it thicker so as to increase the comfort level of the animal.


This could be the best gift for every riding companion from each rider.

Smoothly finished and curved with special polish & lacquered on premium quality of Stainless Steel buckles for long-lasting results. This girth offers simple and practical use for everyday riding. Its straight and practical characteristics make it a nice product.

Royal - Contrast Anatomic Dressage Girth